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Commissioned Custom Sculpture

Thank you for considering a sculptural commission of your horse. Creating a sculpture is time consuming and usually takes several months.  This time factor is completely dependent on the type (species) of burl wood you request, size of the piece, the complexity of the positioning of the horse, and the quality of images you provide me to work from.  Horses, like most animals, are very dynamic and facial expressions, body position/angle changes in a fraction of a second.  In an ideal circumstance, I prefer to work from reference photographs that I take of your horse.  However, you may have photographs or digital video that captures the personality or unique properties of your horse.  When I use your photographs, it is critical that all images be in good focus and made with appropriate lighting conditions.   When I work from professional photographs or copyrighted material, you must provide me with written permission from the copyright holder for use of photographs to create the sculpture. All reference material you provide will be returned to you after the sculpture is completed.


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